Podcast Featuring Dr. Glaser:

This podcast will be ‘pain-free’ as Dr. Jeffrey Glaser, a double board-certified interventional pain management physician, brings his unique approach to pain medicine and lifestyle choices. Specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders that cause pain, Dr. Glaser will provide insights in a casual and conversational manner while covering a wide variety of topics.


Dr. Bahar

Ron Bahar – Seek The Risk

A success in his field, Dr. Bahar does not let his achievements limit him from further adventures. Discussing the importance of stepping out of one’s comfort zone, Dr. Bahar details his life as a doctor, author, and “regular” human being. He speaks not only of

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john heubusch

John Heubusch – The two faces of Opioids

John fought through it all. Diagnosed with cancer, he tried everything to stop the pain. The only option that really helped, however, was managing his pain with an opioid prescription. A difficult choice considering the tragic epidemic ravaging the country, John continued to search for

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Dr. Jeffrey Glaser

Dr. Jeffrey Glaser – What I Was Always Meant To Be

In this first episode, we meet Dr. Jeffrey Glaser as he introduces us to his life’s dedication to medicine. With strong personal motivation, Dr. Glaser seeks to improve the quality of people’s lives with minimally invasive procedures by focusing on the characteristics of interventional pain

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