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Nerve Blocks Specialist

Q & A

What is a nerve block?

A nerve block is a minimally invasive procedure where Dr. Glaser injects a numbing substance to treat inflammation or address a pain signal along an affected nerve. He may use diagnostic imaging guidance to locate the affected nerve — the source of your pain — and figure out the best injection site for your maximum benefit.

A nerve block can help heal a damaged nerve, provide temporary pain relief, and help to diagnose other specific causes of pain.

Are there different types of nerve blocks?

Glaser Pain Relief Center offers many different types of nerve blocks, including:

Facet block

These are injections either in the neck, back, or lower back that are used to determine if your facet joint is causing your pain. Although not intended to be therapeutic, a facet block may relieve your pain for weeks to months.

If you experience complete pain relief while selected facets are numb, then those joints are likely your pain generators. That might indicate that you’re a candidate for radiofrequency nerve ablation, or a rhizotomy.

Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve block

The lateral femoral cutaneous nerve receives sensation from the top lateral part of your thighs on each side. When it’s dysfunctional because of pressure, injury, or entrapment, you feel pain in your lateral thighs.

Peripheral nerve block

This is an alternative to anesthesia and central nerve block during surgeries. Advantages include reduced risk of postoperative fatigue and confusion, nausea, and less need for strong pain medication after surgery.

Sympathetic nerve block

The sympathetic nerves are responsible for vital bodily functions like heartbeat, digestion, and blood pressure. Regular sympathetic nerve blocks have minimal complications and provide long-lasting relief.

A lumbar nerve block, a celiac plexus block, and a stellate ganglion block all involve injections of a numbing agent to “block” different sympathetic nerves. If any of the block procedures provide pain relief, that helps determine the cause of your pain symptoms. Read more about sympathetic nerve blocks here.

What are the benefits of nerve blocks?

There are several benefits of nerve block injections, including:

  • Temporary pain relief
  • Temporary decreased spinal inflammation
  • Helping Dr. Glaser locate specific causes of your pain
  • Expanded ability to function in your everyday life

Call or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Glaser to determine if nerve block injection therapy is the right choice for you.

Glaser Pain Relief Center

Interventional Pain Management Specialist located in Encino, CA

Injections of nerve blocks are a cutting-edge way of fighting inflammation and other conditions that cause pain along your spine. At Glaser Pain Relief Center in Encino, California, Dr. Jeffrey B. Glaser, MD, routinely provide this injection treatment to alleviate the effects of painful symptoms. This minimally invasive treatment option is efficient and versatile, making it a viable option for back and neck pain, among other conditions. Call or click ‘Book Online’ today to schedule an appointment and find out more about nerve block treatment with double-board certified pain management specialist, Jeffrey B. Glaser, MD.


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